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My Flavor Food Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian owned company established in 2014. We are a manufacturer which emerges development, production, and supply of food-grade flavor and food color products. As a food ingredients manufacturer, we committed to providing our products and services with high quality nto meet the market demand, and we promise to diverse ourselves with the changing needs of the food ingredient industries, by implementing new flavors and also new technologies to align with the needs of a consumer market at a competitive price. 

Today, our products are widely being used not only in food and beverages such as bakery, confectionery, candy, ice cream, beverage industries, and also fishing industries. With the increase competition on the market, we continuosly improve our products and services to keep track if the market current trend and deliver an outstanding and competitive level to our clients.

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In My Flavor, we are ready to assist you to expand your businesses need with wide range of food flavouring and edible colouring products. For all enquiries, please email us using the form below