Raw Ingredients

Besides flavors and colors, MYFLAVOR also enable our client to have a multiple selection by supplying  several ingredients and raw material for their businesses need. We promise to deliver all pure and original, no dilute and high quality products to you at a competitive price.



JK Sucralose

Sucralose is the only non-calorie sweetener made from sugar. With a sweetness about 600 times the strength of sugar, excellent solubility and superior stability, Sucralose can be used to bring a natural sweetness to a wide variety of processed foods and beverages. We are now supplying JK sucralose in 1KG packaging size.


VG in USP grade is used in food industry as a solvent and moisture agent in bakery industry. Today, VG is also widely used in vape industries. Packaging size available: 1kg ; 6kg ; 30kg; 250kg.


PG (Propylene Glycol) USP/EP is the only grade appropriate for application in food industry. It can perform well by it’s own without impacting on others product attributes. PG are widely used as a solvent and moisture agent in bakery and also in vape industries. Packaging size available in 1kg; 5kg; 25kg; 215kg.

Agar-agar Powder

Agar-agar powder is like a jelly-like substances which is widely used as an ingredient in dessert as a gelling agent.

Besides, agar-agar powder also used as a vegetarian substitute for gelatin.

Packaging available in 1kg; 10kg.


JHK Matcha Latte

Let’s enjoy a cup of JHK’s matcha latte as your daily routine and get amazing health benefits from high quality of our matcha powder that originally from Japan. JHK’s 3 in 1 Matcha Latte do not contain artificial flavoring and coloring. Matcha is well known for it’s benefits to health. They are high in antioxidants, loaded with Catechin, EGCg, enhances calm, boosts memory and concentration, increase energy levels and endurance, burns calories, detoxifies the body and fortifies the immune system. A packet of JHK’s Matcha Latte contains of 12 mini packs in 27g per pack.