Our Products

As a food ingredients manufacturer, we produce various types of food grade flavors and colors to meet the market demand. We also take pride in being a solution partner to our clients by supplying customized products, specific to their requirement. Our products are all bake stable and can be widely applicable for your businesses.

MYFLAVOR has a wide range of food grade colors for client’s selection for their businesses need. These include liquid color in oil soluble form, powder form, water based form and gel based form.

Let’s enjoy the rich and customizable taste with our food flavors. We have more than hundreds of flavor and emulco for your selection to support your businesses need. We ensure our product quality to be bake stable and retention of bakery’s moisture.

Besides flavors and colors, MYFLAVOR also enable our client to have a multiple selection by supplying  several ingredients and raw material for their businesses need. We promise to deliver all pure and original, no dilute and high quality products to you at a competitive price.