About Us

My Flavor Food Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian owned company established in 2014. We are a manufacturer which emerges development, production and supply of  food grade flavor and color products. As a food ingredients manufacturer, we committed to provide our products and services with high quality to meet the market demand, and we promise to diverse ourselves with the changing needs of the food ingredient industries, with implementing new flavors and also new technologies to align with the needs of consumer market at a competitive price.

Today, our products are widely being used not only in food and beverages such as bakery, confectionery, candy, icecream and beverages industries. It is also being used in fishing industries. With the increasing competitions on the market, we continuously improve our products and services to keep track with the market current trend and deliver an outstanding and competitive level to our clients.

We are homegrown food ingredients manufacturer based in Malaysia. We provide customized products to meet client’s demand and take pride in being a solution partner for our clients.

Forward thinking as one of MyFlavor core value. In which we as a manufacturer take a lead to look forward for more business opportunities in order to retain businesses and go beyond.

We have a team of food scientists and technologists are well prepared to work directed towards improvement and innovation of our food ingredients products. The team as a backend support also providing problem solving to our clients.

To take pride in being a solution partner for our clients, to collaborate and to upgrade our products and strengthen ourselve in the market. To deliver quality food products to reach satisfaction from clients as well as consumer market.